Dianne M.

Great town!
It’s my first time to visit Seymour. I wish I bought the whole family. All I can say is that this town is rich in heritage. I love their heritage attractions that are mostly about war such as RAAC museum and the commemorative walk for Vietnamese soldiers. I took a lot of pictures.

I stayed at the bank of the goulburn which I think was an old bank turned into a hotel or something. The place is neat and although it looks very boring outside, it’s homey and cozy inside which I like.

My favorite place to eat is at the old post office. I recommended this place to my friends here. It’s a perfect place to dine; very relaxing ambience and the pieces of art displayed around the place are very amazing. You get to enjoy their art gallery while drinking your favorite wine and eating delicious food. When I go back to Australia, I’ll definitely visit Seymour again.