Avenel Maze

Located 17 kilometres north-east of Seymour and set in a stunning Australian landscape, visitors can meander through the maze, learn about bushranger Ned Kelly’s days, follow a path through the only rock labyrinth in Australia and enjoy the picnic and BBQ grounds.

Avenel is a very different maze to those of England’s Hampton Court or France’s Palace of Versailles. For one thing it is set in a stunning Australian landscape, overlooking, through gum trees filled with cockatoos, magpies and parrots, the hazy Goulburn Valley and the rugged hills of the Strathbogies.

But above all, Avenel Maze is unique because of its Kelly connection.

10am Til 5pm
Every Day During School & Public Holidays.
Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Tuesday, Wednesday
Christmas Day, Month Of August
Tours welcome anytime by appointment

Address: Upton Road, Avenel 3664 Victoria Australia
Phone: +61 3 5796 2667
Email info@avenelmaze.com.au

Wheels and stroller friendly.
Smoke Free Zone.
No Pets.